Webinar: Image Rights Companies, navigating tax in Italy, Portugal & England

03 May 2023
Image Rights Companies Sports Tax Webinar

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Join us for an insightful one-hour webinar that will explore the complex world of tax treatment for Image Rights Companies (IRCs) in Italy, Portugal and England.

This online event is designed to provide both an introduction to the use of IRCs in these countries and a detailed analysis of their tax implications.

During the webinar, our expert speakers will guide you through the following objectives:

  1. Introduction to IRCs in Italy, Portugal, and England: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how IRCs are utilized in each of these countries for the management and exploitation of image rights, as well as the current stance of the respective tax authorities towards these companies.
  2. Key Tax Treatment Aspects: Discover the principal ways in which IRCs are taxed in Italy, Portugal, and England. Our speakers will highlight essential tax treatment differences, enabling you to make informed decisions when navigating the intricate world of IRCs.
  3. Considerations for International Moves: Learn about the critical factors to consider when relocating between these countries or when representing clients with interests in multiple jurisdictions, as tax implications for IRCs may differ significantly from one country to another.

Whether you are a financial advisor, tax professional, sports agent, or an individual interested in understanding the tax implications of IRCs in these countries, this webinar is sure to be an invaluable resource.


Italy: Alberto Brazzolotto, Partner at Maisto e Associati

Portugal: Teresa Pala Schwalbach, Tax Partner at Sérvulo

England: Sofia Thomas, Partner at Juno Sports Tax


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  • £20 for non-members

Available to order here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/image-rights-companies-irc-tax-treatment-in-italy-portugal-england-tickets-629976676197

Date & Time

13:00 BST Friday 19 May 2023