New Guide: Tax Opportunities for Players Transferring to Italy and England

04 August 2023
Tax Opportunities for players transferring to Italy and England

The International Sports Tax Association is pleased to publish our latest guide for the 2023 summer transfer window highlighting the key opportunities for players moving to Italy or England.

This resource answers the key questions for players, their lawyers and their agents on two tax opportunities available to professional footballers in Italy; the Regime for Inbound Workers and the Forfait Tax Regime.

The section on England focuses on answering key questions relating to the tax opportunities available for players moving to England on days spent outside of the country for rehabilitation or training overseas.

ISTA would like to thank Alberto Brazzolotto (Italy), Elio Palmitessa (Italy) and Sofia Thomas (England) for their expert insights that made this resource possible.

Download a copy of the guide here.

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